Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

Shiites: ‘We’re ready to die for El-Zakzaky’ – Group protests

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) popularly known as Shiites took to the streets of Abuja to register their displeasure over the continued and unlawful detention of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

The protesters thronged the Central Business District of Abuja on Tuesday, February 5.

El-Zakzaky is facing trial for alleged murder, culpable homicide, unlawful assembly and disruption of public peace, among other charges.


The protesters said: “We are ready to die for El-Zakzaky. We will not back down until our leader and his wife are released.

“We are ready to die for El-Zakzaky.”

The leader of the Shiites and his wife were initially arraigned on May 15, 2018 following their arrest in Zaria, in December 2015.

During that period, it was revealed to a court in Kaduna by Femi Falana, who is the Shiite leader’s counsel that El-Zakzaky was suffering from glaucoma and had completely lost one of his eyes.

Falana said this when the case against El-Zakzaky came up for hearing at the high court on Tuesday, January 22.

The lawyer also made a case for Zeenat, the wife of the Shiite leader saying there were bullets yet to be extracted from her system.

He said his legal team was concerned about the couple’s state of health.

However, the counsel to the Kaduna state government, Dari Bayero, noted that two defendants in the case were dropped remaining the sect leader and his wife.

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