Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Self-Love: Meet 33-year-old disabled woman who married herself (Photos)


Georgina Wambui, a 33-year-old citizen of Kenya has gotten married to herself after she was engaged in a fatal accident which made her wheelchair-Bound.


Georgina Wambui was engaged to a man before she got involved in the accident, she called it quit after that.

Georgina Wambui made up her mind to marry herself because she’s now wheelchair-bound and has no man in her life.

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According to Georgina, her life took a terrible turn when she got involved in an accident in 2014 which made almost all her friends distance their selves from her.

She said:


“After the accident, I lost from my friends who were close to me.

That changed me a lot, it gave me a lot of strength.

It made me realize some people are there to stay and others are not. This is one reason why I choose very few people around myself“.

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Georgina chose the day of her 32nd birthday, which was on the 1st of June, 2018 to engage herself.


She also made it known to her close friends and family members that she’ll be getting married to herself the following year.

Her close friends and family members were amused when she made her intention known to them.


Her relatives thought she was crazy, so they tried changing her mind and convincing her to wait for a man to tie the knot with her, but her mind was made up already.

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