Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Reasons why you should never date a colleague

Honestly, if there is a place you need to avoid looking for love Is the office!

Remember, there are online dating apps like tinder, Badu and the likes.

Download them and do whatever.

You have no boyfriend, you have been on a dry spell and where you work has some hot guys that you cannot get enough of.

Of course, you cannot eye all of them, there is a specific one you are crushing on and he also makes a move.

Later, you are seeing each other out of the office.

That is just a terrible idea!

When it comes to dating in a workplace, the best thing you can do is go silent about it completely or else you might find yourself resigning.

There are very few office romances that are successful.


Here are the reasons you should never date a colleague:


  • Imagine, you will be seeing him every-day-  there is a saying that goes by, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just imagine you guys got all cozy yesterday night and next morning you are on the same workstation, bumping into one another and having meals together.etc. You will never have a chance to miss one another! And things won’t be good. They might end up really ugly if there is cheating involved and the man goes and spreads all these rumors in the office about you.


  • You will be hot gossip in the office- once your other colleagues know you are linking up and dating. There will be talks here and there that you will find out later.  This could even ruin your career and reputation. Be warned!


  • Jealousy will strike you like thunder- let’s say you are dating your boss and he keeps calling the secretary who is more beautiful than you and knows how to dress more than you. You will end up changing your wardrobe and always on the look-out which can also distract you from work. Some workers could think they are not treated with just because you are the girlfriend.


  • When you break up, you will always have an awkward moment- you thought that dating your workmate was the right thing to do but it was not because once you break up, you will be a laughing stock in the office and it will get weird when you come across each other. Some can even resign their duties.


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