Mon. Jun 24th, 2019

Obesity hinders post-workout muscle building (Asianage)


Obesity diminishes a person’s ability to build muscle after engaging in resistance exercise, according to a new study.

Nicholas Burd, who led the new research with the division of nutritional sciences graduate student Joseph Beals, said,”Our new study goes further, showing there is an obesity-related impairment in building new muscle proteins in the fed state after a weightlifting session.”

Beals and his colleagues recruited nine obese and nine normal-weight 20- to 23-year-old adults for the new study. The participants, who did not engage in a regular exercise program, took a couple of standardized health surveys and were deemed healthy but “insufficiently active” prior to enrollment in the study.

After assessing participants’ body composition, glucose tolerance and ability to engage in a weighted leg extension exercise, the researchers began infusions of stable-isotope-labelled phenylalanine in all study subjects. This allowed the team to monitor amino acid levels in participants’ blood and muscles throughout the experiment. Read more

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