Sun. Aug 11th, 2019

Nigerians blast Teniola for insulting Caucasian man in USA (Video)


Teniola has come under fire on social media after she was seen insulting a Caucasian in Los Angeles, United states in a new viral video.

The singer who has been releasing some jocular videos on social media recently has divided her fans. Most people did not find her intended joke funny while the other portion of her fans were comfortable with her sense of her humor.


Teniola was hilariously asking for the address of American superstars, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, P. Diddy and Kanye West. While the American was laughing at the joke, Teniola embraced him and went ahead to insult him in the native Yoruba language.

Despite the funny content in the video, her fans were infuriated by her lack of professionalism on the streets of America. They deemed her irreverent attitude to be unnecessary.


Watch her video below:

Read some of the response garnered from social media.


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