Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Man steals sister-in-law and sister’s pants


The Ondo State Police Command, on Wednesday, arrested a man, Adojoh Ojonugwa. He is being charged with stealing his brother wife’s pants alongside his sister’s in Akure.

Ojonugwa was remanded along with a pastor, Olajide Ogunleye, who was said to be involved in the act.

It was revealed that five pairs of pants were found in the suspect’s bag. Two of them reportedly belonged to his brother’s wife; while his sister owned the others.

The 35-year-old Kogi State indigene was alleged to be planning to use the pants for money-making rituals.

The suspect was reported to the police after his brother’s wife discovered the theft of her underwears.

This led to the swift arrest of Ojonugwa and his accomplice.

This was confirmed at the command’s headquarters in Akure by the Police Public Relations Officer, Femi Joseph who explained Ojonugwa and Ogunleye were in cahoots to use the pants for money rituals.

He said both suspects had confessed to the crime and would soon be charged to court after the completion of the police investigation.

Meanwhile, the suspect spoke to the media saying, “When things were difficult for me, I approached the pastor to help me out spiritually and he first gave me something like seeds to swallow and then asked me to go and bring women’s pants as ingredients for money rituals.

“I obeyed the pastor because immediately after I swallowed the thing he gave me, I could no longer disobey him; I could not even ask him what he wanted to do with the female pants that he asked me to bring.

“All I knew was that I went to my brother’s house and stole his wife’s pants and those of my sister.”

Ogunleye, however, denied the allegation, saying he was set up by Ojonugwa and his brother.

He stated, “I don’t know him; I never set my eyes on him before now; he and his brother are just lying against me; it was his brother that I know.

“He wanted to buy a piece of land from me but I refused to sell the land to him because he wanted to use the land to plant cannabis.

“I was surprised to be arrested by the police for a matter I know nothing about. It was a frame-up by his brother, because I refused to sell the land to him.”


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