Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

E-commerce in Africa may gross $300bn by 2025


Africa’s e-commerce scene could be processing trades as much as $300bn by 2025, according to This, despite the inadequacy of infrastructure provisions, erratic electricity supply, and concerns over data security


Undaunted by the fear expressed in certain quarters, in 2010, Mall for Africa’s CEO and Co-Founder Chris Folayan spotted a gap in the market and came up with a revolutionary shopping app which offers African consumers access to over 200 US, UK, and Chinese retailers.


‘We have made the shopping experience as seamless as possible. Quick as possible, so we have optimised our graphics, access our very first mobile app. Now we are down to two clicks to complete purchase’. Folayan Said.


In the statement to the Retail Summit, he revealed further: ‘We are on a journey to expand throughout Africa; we are doing it the right way and making it happen. Market place Africa is truly the next place to expand throughout the continent’.


He expressed confidence in the app, his organization would showcase the continent, saying that Mall for Africa would dominate the entire continent.


The firm affirmed it would build on existing alliances with the likes of Best Buy and Macy’s, Mall for Africa’s best-in-class e-commerce platform, adding that its powerful payment and delivery system have underpinned the organisation’s rapid growth.

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