Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

Daddy Freeze reacts to tattoos and dreadlocks are strange to our culture


Controversial Nigerian On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has taken to his social media page to question Lagos state Police Spokesperson, Bala Elkana’s point of view on tattoos and dreadlocks.

On Wednesday, April 4th, Bala Elkana made a statement during an interview with BBC Pidgin. His comments would spark immense controversy among Nigerians.

He said in the interview;

‘Tattoo and dreadlock are strange to our culture especially for Nigeria. Most times when you arrest cultists, many of them have signs on them”


According to him, he alleged that police authorities have noted a connection between cultism and people that sport dreadlocks and draw tattoos on their bodies.


Daddy Freeze would go on social media to respond to Bala’s statement. He questioned the police spokesman point of view and cited numerous instances were Nigerians have these features.

Freeze said his Nigerian grand mother had tattoos and that there are kids with natural dread identified as Dada.

He wrote;

“In my humble opinion, this statement reeks prejudice and stereotyping.

By the way, my Yoruba grand mother had tattoos, there were local tattoos that women wore back then, my grandma had them. Kids born with dread are called ‘dada’ so I’m not getting this. ~FRZ”


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