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Bobrisky lied; his mother is hale, hearty – Family


Bobrisky, Nigerian socialite and self-acclaimed ‘male barbie’ mentioned on social media that his mother was dead. It recently revealed by a family member that it was a lie.

The prominent cross-dresser took to his social media account a couple of days ago to claim that his mother died and he had to struggle to fend for himself.


Read what he shared on his social media about the demise of his mother couple of years ago.

Dis was me ten yrs back suffering with no mother to care for me.

I lost my mum few month before dis pic. Out of my suffering, I still struggled to sponsor myself to University of Lagos. I study accounting….At dis time of me depression was living inside me but I choose to overcome it.

Where are the Nigeria police to help me then, where are the federal govt then to provide job opportunity to the fresh graduates.

Now people wanna judge me.

I choose not to be anything to make money such as Robbery, fraudsters, killer etc…. but hustle hard with wat I know. If u don’t want God to punish u just leave Bobrisky alone !!!!!. Now I’m a millionaire everybody wanna be a judge. Pls be careful. If u don’t like my page pls just use ur unfollow button I beg u. Love u.

Bobrisky shares old photo of himself, recounts his grass to grace journey


It was revealed by a reliable source that Bobrisky‘s mother, Alhaja Bollington is not dead and she is hale hearty.

Read the new revelation the cross dresser’s life below.

Gleefully dishonest, intentionally ambiguous, eternally bored, and unfathomably manipulative, self-styled queen of social media, Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky is no doubt Nigeria’s ultimate master of deception.

For whatever his/her reasons for denying his mother and to the extent of proclaiming the innocent woman of substance as being dead, the controversial cross-dresser sure needs to see a psychiatrist.

Stunning facts have emerged on the true position of Bobrisky’s mother and the woman is far from being dead.

The woman of substance who’s popularly referred to as Alhaja Bollington is hale and hearty, in fact, she lives and has a big provision store inside Magodo in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, this much Enquirermag can authoritatively disclose.”

Below is the footage of the provision store.

See images uploaded by Bobrisky’s family to reveal that his mother is still alive.

Bobrisky Exposed

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