Thu. May 23rd, 2019

7 things that might make you cheat


No one in a relationship likes to think about their partner cheating, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder who else they’ve got rattling around.

Now, as we are all adults, who operate of our own free will, we’re not saying that anyone can be made to cheat. But science certainly seems to think there are some factors that make your other half more likely to jump into bed with someone else.

Here are 7 things you might want to keep an eye open for. Just saying.

1. Having a well paid job.

Didn’t get that promotion you wanted? Well you can thank your lucky stars. As a new study has revealed that the monthly scraping together of the pennies from down the back of the sofa to pay your council tax is actually making you less likely to cheat than those with bigger salaries. Probably because we’re too busy spending our spare time applying for that second job at McDonalds.

2. Faking an orgasm.

As if we didn’t have enough to obsess over in the bedroom – like whether or not we’ve actually given them an orgasm, or they’re just faking it so they can get back to watching Eastenders – now researchers have revealed that female fakers are more likely to cheat too. The team speculated that the orgasm may have evolved in order to keep women from straying, and so if they’re not getting it at home, they’re more likely to do the dirty elsewhere. Ouch. Read more 

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