Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

19-year-old prostitute makes £2,000 per night

A young lady identified as Chloe who started selling sex at the age of 17 has said there is nothing to be ashamed about her kind of job because some girls at her age have sex for free.


19-year-old Chloe featured in last night’s Sex Business: Teens Selling Sex on Channel 5. She made claims that she can make up to £2,000 a night.


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Even though it’s illegal to pay someone under 18 for sex in the UK, Chloe said she became a sex worker at 17. She used a website that didn’t check her age. She needed to fund her extensive beauty treatments.

‘All my friends know what I do; and I’ll tell everyone cause I’m not ashamed,’ she says

‘I prefer to go about my business and charge people and get good money for what I do,’ she says.

I’m still the same average girl as every else; sex is not different, everybody has sex, just because charging for it, it’s no different.

‘I’m still going out on the weekends; going clubbing, enjoying my life, going out with my friends.

‘I see myself doing it for a few more years. I don’t know when I’m gonna say I’m gonna stop because I’m so good.


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CHLOE’s condom pack

She also admitted that her sex-business has been much easier now that she’s of legal age; and said she used to earn £200 to £300 a night, compared to the £2,000 she now earns these days.

Chloe also charges extra for requests she doesn’t like, such as £50 extra for kissing and ‘bareback’ sex without a condom including £20 extra for filming.

Guys want to see me and film at the same time so they can watch it back. Loads of guys want to film nowadays so I just charge extra for it,’ she says.

She also boasts about being skilled at oral sex, saying:

‘That’s why they come to me for and definitely come back to me for that; they’re all happy, never disappointed,’ she says.

The 19-year-old who has her lip fillers every month, gets her nails done every two weeks and her hair done every two to three weeks, added that she won’t have been able to afford all this with a different career.

With a normal job you get paid monthly, and I just don’t think that would suit my lifestyle,’ she explains.

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