Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

6 things to do immediately after sex

Immediately after sex, many women want to be cuddled, have conversations or drift off to sleeping.

These are not bad ideas but there are things to do just after sex to prevent infection and maintain a good hygiene.

Here are six things to do immediately after sex

Don’t forget to pee– It helps to prevent bacteria from entering into your bladder. It washes away the fungus bacteria present in your vagina.

Don’t forget to drink water– A lot of women get urinary tract infections from sex but drinking water helps to wash away bacteria that could lead to such.

Don’t sleep in tight or silky underwear– It further irritates the body parts.

Avoid foam baths– The vagina has been exposed and it is sensitive at that time, so, using foam may lead to infections or vagina dryness.

Use water instead of wipes

Eat some yoghurt– It replenishes your body and gives you all the vital things.

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